On site or remote service

Under most circumstances, Wicked I.T. Inc.can give you a choice between resolving a problem remotely, via the internet, or sending a technician to your location. Unlike many providers, we do not charge a premium for a visit to your home, office or hotel. The optimal method will often depend on the nature of the service request, problem urgency, customer configuration and the level of involvement the user would like to have.

Practical experience with customers has shown that on site visits are far more effective than attempting to correct a problem over the internet under the following conditions:

  • There is no internet connectivity
  • Speed of the system is extremely slow due to a virus or similar problem causing resolution times to be longer and thus more costly to the customer
  • A hardware problem is suspected or new equipment is being added
  • The customer desires to minimize their involvement in the overall support process after making the initial request for assistance

Conversely, support over the internet can be effective for simple virus and adware problems, system performance tuning and general usage questions.

Buisness Services

  • Server Installation and Support

    Installation, confguration and deployment of Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, as well as Mac OS X Servers in small to mid size business environments.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions and Planning

    Wicked I. T. Inc. offers a range of data and disaster recovery solutions aimed at protecting a companies or individuals irreplaceable data.  These solutions offer on site as well as off site data storage and redundent server capability to ensure operational continuity.

  • Network Planning, Design and Implementaion

    Our network engineers have extensive experience with all types of network environments enabling us to rapidly identify potential issues and recommend cost effective solutions to ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of your network . We work with you to develop a plan based on industry best practices that is tailored to your unique needs and processes.

  • Hosted Exchange and Office 365

    Anywhere access to cloud-based email using Microsoft Exchange, web conferencing, file sharing and Office Web Apps at a predictable low monthly cost.

  • Mobile Worker Support

    Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make it possible for employees to work anywhere, but they also introduce numerous issues. Data loss, security risks and malware are real.  Wicked I.T. Inc. can help you develop an effective mobile device strategy and deploy solutions that prevent coporate data breaches as well as effectively control device access.

  • Spam Filtering and Message Archiving

    Wicked I.T. Inc. offers comprehensive email security solutions that wipe out more than 99.97% of spam, viruses, worms and harmful content and attachments before they ever reach your network.

    Our Message Archiving offers easy storage, retrieval and email monitoring at an affordable price.  Fully integrated with our Core Filtering and Message Continuity services, Message Archiving ensures that you can meet compliance and e-Discovery requests.

  • Security Compliance

    Many states, including Massachusetts, have passed data protection and privacy laws that require businesses to take proactive steps to avoid data breaches.  These steps include ensuring that data in transit is encrypted, all software is kept up to date with the manufacturers latest updates, usage of firewalls and maintaining a current anti virus solution on computers as well as servers.

    Wicked I.T. Inc. can help identify areas of non compliace and implement the needed corrective actions to avoid fines that can be as much as $50,000 for a first time offence. 

Residential Services

  • Remote Computer Support

    Employing the same technology utilized by major businesses to support remote workers, Wicked I.T. Inc. can typically control your computer remotely to resolve most issues.  This approach facilitates rapid problem resolution and reduces service costs.

  • Computer Hardware Diagnostics

    Unable to resolve a nagging issue that is impacting your ability to make effective use of your computer?  Even if your system won't boot or crashes repeatedly, Wicked I.T. Inc. has the proprietary diagnostic tools to indentify the root cause and get you productive again.

  • Computer Hardware Repair

    From cracked latop screens to computers that won't turn on, Wicked I.T. Inc. has the technical expertise and parts on hand to get your computer up and running in a minimal amount of time.

  • Computer Software Repair

    Our trained software engineers have the skill sets and tools needed to correct applications that crash, hang, are slow or otherwise just don't seem to run properly.

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

    Today's virus infections range from being relatively benign to extreme security risks that have the ability to steal personal information along with your identity.  If you are experiencing pop up ads, being redirected to web sites that you did not select or are plagued by slowness and intermittent internet connectivity, turn your computer off and call us immediately.

  • PC Optimization

    Accumulating temp files, missing operating system updates, too little remaining disk space, rogue toolbars and un needed processes that start on boot up all lead to performance degradations over time.  Our technicians can restore your computers performance using the latest tools and industry best practices.

  • Networking

    Wicked I.T. Inc. offers a spectrum of network services that include cabling, network printer installation, router setup, network troublshooting and the deployment of appropriate security measures aimed at protecting your critical personal data.

  • Backup & Storage

    Protection of irreplaceable photos, documents and personal information is critical.  Hard drives are mechanical devices that rotate at very high speeds when your computer is in use.  Failure of these components is not a matter of "if" but "when".  Wicked I.T. Inc. can recommend and install a local and / or cloud based backup solution that will ensure your information survives floods, fires and / or routine hardware failures.

  • Data Recovery

    Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a hard drive, USB stick and / or RAID array that was not backed up, Wicked I.T. Inc. offers a full suite of data recovery services for Mac OS, Linux and Windows based file systems.

  • Computer Upgrades

    Rather than buying a new computer, extend the life of your existing machine and improve performance by addding more memory or a larger hard drive.  Wicked I.T. Inc. will recommend and install the needed upgrades to improve your productivity while minimizing the impact on your budget.