A Technology Company That Works For You

Wicked I.T. was founded by four technology graduates and an industry veteran who realized that home and business computer users wanted a different approach to meeting their on site computer service and equipment installation needs. Customers told us that they were tired of calling for service and having to wade through 3 levels of voice menus before reaching a person who could get someone to their location that could actually help them with their problem. Many expressed frustration that the often advertised fixed price quoted to them turned out to be more illusion than fact. Customers were also clear that, in many cases, they wanted more than just repair assistance.

You Asked, We Delivered

At Wicked I.T. you will always talk to a human and never have to listen to recorded announcements (besides the occasional voicemail, of course)! Moreover, once you establish a rapport with a particular technician who understands your business or home computing environment, we will endeavor to make that same black belt technician available to you for your next service call. No more dealing with different technicians for each call that you have to re educate about your specific configurations and operating environment.

What We Aren't

While the competition will offer you a fixed price for specific services, savvy customers have come to realize that the key phrase here is “specific services”. When the technician arrives at your location, trouble shoots the problem, and then discovers that you have both a virus and spyware, rest assured you will be charged the fixed price fee for both the spyware removal service as well as the virus removal action. Under worst case conditions where a virus may have damaged an operating system file, the fixed price for the operating system service will be added to your bill even when recreating this file may have taken only 15 minutes.

We Want the Best for You

Wicked I.T. pricing will ensure that you incur the lowest cost by offering you the cheaper of either the traditional fixed fee structure used by competitors or our hourly rate. So at the end of the service call you always get the best price.